Will you help my family and me?

I fear for the future of my family, my community and for the free-flowing rivers of western Queensland’s Channel Country. I’m a third generation grazier from “Noonbah”, south of Longreach, and I’ve never seen as significant a threat to this extraordinary country than what the fracking industry now represents.

It didn’t have to get to this. Like many graziers out here, I welcomed protections against large and destructive developments that former Governments put in place. These protections ensured that some of the world’s last free-flowing inland rivers and also richest floodplain pastures were safeguarded for generations to come.

But  in 2013, these protections were cut back, exposing the Channel Country’s rivers and floodplains to exploitation by fracking. This now places the health of our water supplies and the survival of wildlife at risk and threatens the future of our vibrant communities.

We live in harmony with our rivers. They still flow and flood over vast plains to sustain a multi-million dollar organic beef industry and nurture abundant native plants and animals.

But, the gas fracking industry is lining up to mine our fertile floodplains.

We need to see appropriate protection again put in place for our rivers and flood plains, but so far only the Greens and One Nation have committed to doing so.

So, I’m asking you to take a moment to tell your MP and candidates to stand up for protecting our unique and iconic part of Outback Queensland.

The Channel Country is very dear to my heart. The impact of fracking on our region's healthy rivers and sustainable industries could be devastating and permanent.

Add your voice today. Tell your MP and Candidates to protect the channel country’s floodplains from fracking, before it’s too late.

Thank you. 

Angus Emmott,

Longreach, Qld


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