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Dear MP and Candidates,

I’m concerned about the expansion of the unconventional gas industry - shale, tight and coal seam gas - onto the floodplains of Queensland’s Channel Country.

The Channel Country rivers are among the last major desert rivers in the world. They support abundant wildlife which has co-existed with a clean and green beef industry for more than one hundred years.

The floodplains produce some of the best cattle-fattening pastures on Earth and could continue producing top quality beef for decades to come, providing the floodplains continue to flood naturally.

Strong protections were provided to the Cooper, Diamantina and Georgina rivers and floodplains in 2005. This had strong support from western Queensland communities - including local pastoralists, traditional owners and many others who love the Channel Country. 

In 2013, these protections were weakened which ended the certainty for the local community pastoral and tourism industries. The rich floodplains are now vulnerable to the impacts of fracking for shale gas.

So far, the Greens and One Nation are the only parties who have committed to protecting the rivers of the Channel Country from gas fracking.

This election, I am calling on you and your party to join them by committing  to protect our last desert rivers, the beef industry and the Channel Country’s abundant wildlife from the impacts of fracking for shale gas.

Yours sincerely,


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